Shane Loeffler
Earth scientist, software developer, cartographer
selected work
Scrolling map and drone footage visualization of ongoing environmental justice issues for this story in ProPublica.
Search petabytes of commercial satellite imagery and publicly available digital elevation models.
cartographyfull-stack developmentdesign
Worked with NASA scientists to visualize billions of tree crown polygons across the Sahara. Processed computer vision output data on HPC systems to transform it for performant visualization in the browser (see viewer). Cover story of Nature's March 2023 edition.
Designed and implemented this D3-based map animation showing the dispossession of Native Land in the early 1800s for a story in ProPublica's Repatriation Project.
Bringing the world outside your airplane window seat to life.
Designed a Blender-based visualization of the 2021 Antarctic Eclipse.
Interactive map outlining the impacts of the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline.
Visualizing Minnesota’s landscapes and geologic past.
Used Svelte and Mapbox to create a map allowing stakeholders to explore how choosing different environmental justice bill language would impact their communities.